Light House, SL is a company in Mallorca with 30 years’ experience which offers a wide range of services in new buildings, restorations, adaptations, extensions, refurbishment of existing buildings and interior design.

The work carried out by Light House has always covered a broad range of building types for a wide range of clients across all sectors of use and ownership. The service can be quite limited with the input tailored to meet the specific needs of a client or project.

Based around motivated and well trained team, Light House has built a reputation for high quality service among its local national clients and foreign investors. The company is justifiably proud of its high level of work and the loyalty of its employees.

Expert advice is also avail- able on the building services including the procedures and means of obtaining official paper work such as licenses, permits, certificates, maintenance contracts, ten year insurance policy and certificates of legal completion of the construction work.

Light House has direct experience of many of the different roles within the various building procurement routes including Construction Manager, Client’s Consultant, Interior Design or Planning Supervisor.

Furthermore, Light House has worked with WT Partnership, an international consultancy providing independent construction management, cost management and other services for the property construction industries.

The company also has close working relations with various architects, consultants, specialists and companies which may collaborate at a certain moment to provide with information about technical solutions, legal, environment, commercial and can recommend the ones to suite the requirements of each client.


For each Project there is assigned a foreman who is personally responsible for the delivery of that Project. The analysis of clients needs and the achievement of cost and time targets are considered paramount im-portance. The aim is to provide a personal, flexible and professional service at a competitive rate taking in account these important factors:


Health & Safety is a priority for us that has been built into our work culture. We are proud of our workers.


The highest standards in the construction industry. Our clients select us because they know that we will provide a quality job on schedule and at a fair price.


Managing, coordination and organization are some reasons of our rate price, always taking in account the quality in all our projects.


A positive work environment allows to carry out the appropriate tasks to the best of their ability. The majority of the team has been with the company for years and is quite accustomed to working to a very high standard.